Bagbin relishes NDC presidential slot

The Second Deputy Speaker and aspiring flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alban Bagbin, has expressed optimism of emerging victorious in the upcoming national delegates congress scheduled for November 17, 2018.

He explained that results from the constituency, regional, national women and youth elections were testaments to the opinion that members were braced for change and he was best suited.

“In the constituency elections, a number of old executives were sent packing, it was not different with regional executives’ election in September where majority of former regional chairmen were disappointed.

“At Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region, another change in the National Women and Youth was recorded, a sign there is fresh wind of change blowing through the party and this change will come true in the flagbearership race.

“The grand movement for change within the party is in full throttle, impossible for anyone to reverse the trend, current calls for change is a signal that the mandate of the old leadership which led the party to defeat in 2016 will not be renewed.

“Many are of the view the quiet movement for change within the party does appear to reflect the party’s collective resolve to save itself, guide from descent into the abyss of self-seeking politicians, transform into a party that truly represents the dreams and aspirations of the broad masses of its membership.

“It is not surprising delegates are yearning for change in the Volta, Western and Eastern regions identify with my message since the quest to lead the NDC is because I believe firmly in the power of change and good leadership.

“I want to make NDC attractive to the common man/woman on the street, I want leadership at all levels of the party to wield, to exercise the power to make decisions and contributions that will inure to the benefit of the party.

“I want to put the appropriate welfare structures in place that will ensure hardworking party members have the opportunity to prosper and to live decent lives. I want things to be done right in our party, if you believe in the path I seek, join me let’s bring change to the NDC and win back power in 2020,” Mr Bagbin, Member of Parliament for Nadowli/Kaleo stressed.



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