Bagbin hints of dragging NDC to court …threatens to quit race

 Mr. Bagbin

Mr. Bagbin

Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament and National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer hopeful, Alban Bagbin has hinted at dragging the party to court in connection with the GH¢420,000 nomination and filing fees announced for flagbearer aspirants.
He has also hinted of backing out of the party’s presidential primaries if the GH¢420,000 nomination and filing fee are not reviewed downward.

Mr Bagbin and seven other aspirants have petitioned the party demanding a reduction of the nomination and filing fees, which they describe as outrageous.
According to him, the National Executive Committee (NEC) side-stepped the party’s constitution by going ahead to announce and implement the election guidelines without consulting the party’s Council of Elders.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Bagbin said he wouldn’t want to be involved in the election process with the fees remaining that same since it is illegal saying, “You want me to participate in doing the wrong thing? No I don’t think so, it is not right to do that.”

The NDC has given all interested persons just two days to pick nomination forms from December 3 to December 4, 2018 is the deadline and so far, only former President John Mahama has picked the forms.

Mr Bagbin is among the nine aspirants who have petitioned the party’s Council of Elders over the GH¢ 420,000 nomination and filing fees for flagbearer aspirants of the NDC ahead of the party’s January 19, 2019 primaries.

He said the concerned aspirants do not intend to pick forms within the given two-day window if the prices are not reviewed downward.

Prof Joshua Alabi, one of the aspirants, was expected to also pick his nomination forms yesterday.

Mr Bagbin has maintained that the NDC’s exercise is based on an illegality saying, “If they want to be a party that will lead the nation, the first thing is they should learn how to go by law because the process we have is a multi-party constitutional democracy.

“Institutional ideas deal with rule of law, multi-party deals with our focus or commitment to the party, that is building the party for the party to be strong, then you’ll have a strong healthy government.”

“The democracy is the one dealing with the people, the outcome of all what we are doing is to benefit the people, that is why our system is multi-party constitutional democracy, I’m not going to be one of those who will go breaking the rule of law and then expecting to rule the country.

“That is not what I’m going to do, if they think they can proceed to go on, the law courts are there, we’ll advise ourselves since I have raised a legal point,  I’m saying the whole guidelines  they are basing all the process on is a nullity.

“The constitution is very clear, the guidelines are drafted in consultation with the Council of Elders, they have not been consulted so the National Executive Committee on their own cannot draft the guidelines, come out to announce it and start implementing it.

“We think that the whole process is nullity, it is completely abhorrence with the party’s own constitution, we need to meet,  look at the laws, do the proper thing, other things can follow, we are not picking forms until those things have been addressed.

“We are aspiring to lead the nation, we must learn to do the right thing before we lead the nation, do the right thing to develop the country, we will not condone and connive in wrongdoing.

“I suggested the National Executive Committee of the party invites all concerned aspirants to find an amicable solution to the challenge involving the nomination and filing fees.

“The best practice is for them to reach out to the beneficiaries of the whole process, at least listen to our side, that is not in the constitution, that will be the best practice,” Mr Bagbin bemoaned.

The nine aspirants who are complaining about the fees and want it reviewed downward are Alban Bagbin, Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Joshua Alabi, Sylvester Mensah, Stephen Atubiga, Nurideen Iddrisu, Goosie Tanoh, Kojo Bonsu and Elikplim Agbemava.

Former President John Mahama, who is also aspiring to lead the party, again has not spoken publicly on the announced fees.

He has gone ahead to pick his nomination forms for GH¢20,000 and seem to have raised more than the needed GH¢400,000 needed as filing fee through the supporters of the NDC and others supposedly donating towards his course. –


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