Bad roads will deprive Yawkoko area of economic gains

Mr. Patrick Ofori, former assembly member for Yawkoko, in the Eastern Region, on Friday said the failure to reshape feeder roads in the area would deprive the people of economic gains.

“Inhabitants in all five communities forming the Yawkoko cluster of villages, predominantly farmers, can’t sell their food crops at the marketing centres, because of the bad road linking the communities to the main Nsawam – Suhum highway”, he said.

He was speaking at a meeting with the people to discuss the bad nature of their road, and their welfare, among other development issues at Yawkoko.

The ex-assembly member said previous appeals made to the Department of Feeder Roads and the Ayensuano District Assembly “hit the rock” and, therefore, the need to reiterate the call to the authorities to rehabilitate their roads.

According to him, the old Accra – Suhum road through Yawkoko had become a death trap and the most dangerous road and that, drivers plying the route had threatened to withdraw their services, if nothing was done about the road.

Mr. Ofori, who is the chairman of the School Management Committee (SMC) of the Yawkoko Presbyterian School, said if nothing was done about the road, assorted food crops could go to waste and render the people poor.

He, therefore, made a passionate appeal to the assembly and the Department of Feeder Roads to endeavour to reshape the Yawkoko feeder road.


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