Azumah Concerned About Plummeting Fortunes Of Boxing

Zm1Ghana boxing legend, Azumah Nelson is worried at the level of boxing in the country adding that he is not happy with the fact that the country cannot boast of a World Champion.

The ‘Professor’ as he is known in boxing circles, lamented that boxing, one of the sporting disciplines that put the country on the international sporting map, is gradually losing fame, something he blamed on the inability of some coaches to give the boxers the right tutorials.

“Boxing is like football and everybody knows how to do it. But it takes more than ability to fight to excel in boxing”, Azumah mentioned.

He said boxing, just like football has to do with technique which most of the Ghanaian boxers in recent times lack. He added that he gets worried and sad when he sees boxers throw punches without any technique.

“There are very good young up and coming boxers out there and I believe that if the right coaches apply the right training methods, very soon we are going to be the power house of boxing both on the continent and the world as a whole.”

Azumah added that he will love for the authorities in charge of boxing to approach some of them who have the experience to help in bringing out very good boxers and help sustain them for a very long time.

“To be a champion is easy, but to remain a champion for even four years is no joke and that is what I want the boxers to get in their minds because it looks like once they become champions, they become complacent and lose their titles in a year or two.”

“I keep saying that I am always available to offer my free advice and service. I cannot just get up and start working or implementing my ideas, there are laid down laws and there are people in charge. So I will appeal to them to draw near to some of us for all of us to help the nation in terms of boxing”, he concluded.

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