ls_mothersday_freeGhana joined the rest of the world yesterday to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Millions of people across the globe celebrated the day in honour of their mothers and showed appreciation for their labouring to give them life and raising them.

In Ghana many as usual showed their appreciation variously with gifts of flowers, get-together, special greetings and show of love for mothers for their toil.

This celebration in Ghana, is not far from the form it took in over 46 other countries albeit celebrated on different days.

The festival dates back to the era of ancient Greek and Romans. According to history however, modern day Mother’s Day can also be traced to the UK and the US.

Indeed, the day is significant in many respects to different people across the world.

A renowned author, business woman and religious leaders, Sheri Dew is quoted as saying, “Motherhood is more than bearing children. Mothers are found in all shapes and forms. They can be sisters, aunts, leaders, teachers or anyone who is willing to reach out to another human being with love. As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”.

The Times finds the quote very profound as it clearly sets out who a mother is, and who must be appreciated as one.

As we celebrate the day, we want to appreciate all mothers, no matter their status because motherhood is a tough job.

We commend all of them for their roles in shaping lives and moulding the character of all humans on earth.

Everyone owes mothers a depth of gratitude for their sacrifice and fortitude in nurturing children.

We pay glowing tributes to our distinguished mothers especially, on this special occasion of Mother’s Day.

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