Awadada of Anlo calls for protection of heritage.

Torgbui Subo speaking at the meeting

Torgbui Subo speaking at the meeting

The Awadada of Anlo, in the Keta municipality of the Volta Region, Togbui Agbesi Awusu II, has urged the various clans of Anlo to come together and protect their heritage.

He explained that it was the only way to maintain their cultural identify towards supporting each other financially, materially and spiritually against any external aggression.

Togbui Awusu gave the advice in a speech read on his behalf by Togbui Subo II of Anloga at the launch of the Duklui Attipoe Dzidzimeviwo fe Habↄbↄ. (descendents), in Accra.

The Duklui Attipoe family, who hails from Anyako in the Keta municipality, are relatives of the late Corporal Attipoe, one of the soldiers who died during the Christiansburg shooting incident in 1948.

The group sought to promote the progress and development of the family.

According to Togbui Awusu, the clans of Anlo are always an inspiration to other people hence the need to have a formidable and united group to support one another.

Togbui Awusu explained that though there were no more wars in modern times, some other clans were attempting to strip the Anlos of their cultural rights, because they were dynamic and formidable.

“The time has come to unite and protect our heritage, in unity lies strength, we must protect each other and show the whole world that we are the warriors of the Anlo state and no diabolical activities would scare from what we are,” he added.

Togbui Awusu urged other family members who have not registered with the group to do so.

Togbui Duklui Attipoe, the head of family, said Togbui Duklui Attipoe I, had distinguished himself as a great merchant and warlord of Anlo and urged the current generation to preserve the linage in order to dignify the image and reputation of the family.

Togbui Attipoe urged members of the family home and abroad to unite and uplift the image of the family, the stool and the Anlo traditional area, the Ewe community and the country as a whole.

He charged the interim executives of the association to tread cautiously and be wary of acts that could bring disgrace to the family.

The Agbotadua, Torgbuivi Kumassah, urged the current generation to “resurrect and bring on board all great Attipoe family members in order to build upon the legacies of the forefathers”.

By Lawrence Vomafa-Akpalu

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