‘Avoid use of shortcuts late at night’

The Director for Community Policing, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Habiba Twumasi-Sarpong, has advised persons who return home late in the night from work to vary the routes they use.

That, she said ,would prevent criminals from monitoring their movements and attacking them.

Speaking in an interview with The Ghanaian Times, she also warned such persons against carrying along with them valuables in late hours.

ACP Twumasi-Sarpong said since it was not easy for one to tell whether his or her daily movements were being monitored, the ideal thing to do was to desist from using the same route all the time since the frequent use of the same route would make it easy for miscreants to waylay them.

“Do not alight at the same bus stop everyday and almost at the same time. If possible, ask some relations to meet and escort you home,” she said.

She asked private vehicle drivers to always be on the alert and frequently check through their driving mirrors if they were being followed by a particular vehicle or people over a considerable distance.

She advised that if they became suspicious of being tailed, they should drive around town for a while or drive to the nearest Police Station for assistance.

ACP Twumasi-Sarpong also asked people arriving home late from work to alert their relations whilst getting near home so that they would be ready to open the gates for them immediately they arrived to prevent unnecessary waiting outside the house which could expose them to attacks.

She advised against keeping of keys in or under flower pots, stones or other items at homes as criminals, out of instinct might be attracted to such objects to look for keys.

From: Dzifa Tetteh,Prampram.

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