Aveyime Cattle Ranch Land Payment Issue

Mr. Kwesi Bentsi-Enchil, Chief Valuer in-charge of compensation schedule of the Land Valuation Division (LVD) of the Lands Commission, on Tuesday submitted a site plan on the Aveyime Cattle Ranch to the Judgement Debts Commission.

Mr. Bentsi-Enchil said that the LVD had held back all claims submitted by eight people until it resolved the disagreement about the acquired site. “My Lord, the office has taken that decision because we do not want to stray into other areas”.

Sitting continues today.

The 24,790.00 acre-land (1,007.70 ha.) was acquired in the Volta Region in 1976 during the Acheampong’s regime, for a livestock project without the payment of compensation to the indigenous land owners, except the Carmichael Family (non-Ghanaian), who received $2.4 million as compensation under a certificate of urgency on January 6, 2009, in the New Patriotic Party administration.

As to why the compensation was paid to the said family, has remained a mystery yet to be unraveled by the Commission.

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