IT is not an extraordinary feat for the Police to have arrested six persons for seizing toilets and engaging in other forms of post-election disturbances.
In fact, no one should be praising the police for the arrest because that is their work. They therefore, deserve no praise.
What is significant though, is that, the police have discovered their mandate and exercise it to arrest the culprits.
The Police after the election, have come under a barrage of criticism for looking on as groups of people embarked on the rampage to seize government institutions as well as attack people.
Their inaction was said to have emboldened the rampaging youth to engage in more violence and attacks on people across the country.
Fortunately, it is has been reported that persons, including the chairman of the New Patriotic Party for Bechem, were arrested for engaging in post-election violence.
The Times is unable to commend the police for the arrest because we think that they acted a bit too late.
We would have wished for them to have acted more swiftly to avert the attacks and seizures of public institutions.
However, while we blame the police for their inaction, we equally condemn politicians for putting the police in this situation.
We have over the years witnessed how politicians use or misuse the police against their opponents while in government.
The fear of victimisation by politicians has turned the Police into “lame ducks”.
Indeed, they are unable to function properly, aware that they risk being victimised for their actions.
It is a regrettable situation, which should be reversed if we expect the police to act professionally.
It is important for politicians to take their hands off the police and allow them to play their roles effective.
Our advice to the police is that they should also not allow the Police Service to be politicised and take sides when dealing with the public.
To forestall future recurrence of post-election violence, the police should be allowed to work as professionals and we must avoid politicising the service.

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