Ave-Dakpa police scare off criminals

In the absence of crime, the cell at the police station at Ave-Dakpa, capital of the Akatsi-North District has been empty for the past four weeks.

“This is due to the efficient day and night patrol system we have in place,” Superintendent Dennis Fiakpui, the Akatsi District Police Commander said.

He told The Ghanaian Times last Saturday that residents of the district were also vigilant and always ready to share information with the police on anything unusual.

Apart from that, Superintendent Fiakpui said the strong collaboration between the Neighbourhood Watchdog Committee at Ave-Dakpa and the police had turned the town and its environs into a very “unpleasant ground” for criminals.

He said in cases of minor offences, the police often processed the suspect for court as quickly as possible, “because we do not want to congest the cell”.

The District Police Commander said where there were instances of public nuisance, officers promptly moved in to enforce law and order, without necessarily detaining anyone in the cell.

From Alberto Mario Noretti,

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