Ave-Dakpa clinic lacks facilities

The maternity room , one folded bed (right) and an emergency bed on the leftThe labour room at the maternity unit of the Government Health Centre at Ave-Dakpa, in the Akatsi-North District, has only one ante-natal bed.

The unit, which has no running water, also lacks toilet facilities.

Worse still, it has no standard machine to sterilise its instruments.

The ceilings of the unit are falling apart and nurses and patrons are left at the mercy of the weather.

Ms Esther Azafokpe, Staff Midwife at the unit, disclosed this when she conducted the Ghanaian Times round the facility.

Ms Azafokpe said that on the average, the unit recorded 30 births in a month.

She said that there been instances in which three women fell into labour at the same time, “and in such cases, we look at the one whose labour has advanced most and attend to her first, before the others”.

In times when two women in labour needed to be attended to at the same time, Ms Azafokpe said, a screen was used to divide the room, with one patient receiving attention on the normal bed while the other would be attended to on the emergency bed.

She said the staff and clients used a KVIP toilet on the compound of the health centre.

“We also have to fetch water from a borehole in the premises for use at the centre.”

She pointed to the ceiling, saying the roof leaked terribly when it rained.

“The whole unit has to be renovated to bring it up to standard,” she urged.

From Alberto Mario Noretti,


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