The Auditor-General, Mr Daniel Yaw Domelevo, yesterday won the admiration of many when he announced his push to recover stolen funds from public officials.

The Auditor-General won many hearts because his action is a marked departure from the practice we are all used to.

For over 20 years, the Auditor-General in his annual report, cite public officials for financial malfeasance, but many of them got away with the crime.

Although punitive sanctions have been prescribed for such offences under the Audit Service Act 587, many of the offenders have gone scot free.

The Auditor-General’s move to recover moneys stolen by 11 individuals and organisations, deserves commendation and it must gladden the hearts of all those who have pushed for the retrieval of the funds, but those involved must be punished.

Indeed, many Ghanaian have in the past expressed their displeasure at the inability of the Auditor-General in particular, and government in general to retrieve looted funds from some public officials.

Thankfully, the new Auditor-General, who is barely half a year in office, has stepped up efforts to retrieve the embezzled funds.

While we commend him for the bold initiative, we would have wished he had exposed the individuals and organisations involved so that the entire nation would know the saboteurs among us.

Furthermore, naming and shaming those who have committed crimes against the state would minimise the committing of some of those crimes.

Be as it may, we are content that the process to punish those who plunder the public purse has began.

We urge the Audit-General to pursue the agenda vigorously so that the incidence of financial malfeasance in public service would stop.

As a matter of fact, the incidence of financial malfeasance has been an annual virtual in the Auditor-General’s report to Parliament.

In spite of the public appearance of the offending officers, some of who express recourse, many appear indifferent because nothing would be done to them.

We must applaud the Auditor-General and hope that the exercise would go a long way to stop the canker.

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