Assembly removes whale for burial

The Whale

The Whale

The Fante fishing community near Half Assini, yesterday jubilated when the Jomoro Assembly and the fishermen removed the whale which was washed ashore in the area on Sunday, for safe burial at another site along   the coast of the Western Region.

The whale started decomposing as the assembly could not find easy ways of lifting it to dispose of.

The Assembly made frantic efforts to bury the huge whale, but contacts with the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC), Ghana Ports and others proved futile.

The assembly eventually sent an SOS to corporate bodies to help provide equipment which yielded some positive results.

“Finally, we have got three boats and hauled the huge whale onto water to about kilometer for burial,” the District Assembly Co-ordinator, Mr. Abudu Amadu told The Ghanaian Times yesterday.

From Clement Adzei Boye,Takoradi

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