Assembly hunts for game reserve meat eaters

The Adaklu District Assembly has embarked on a house-to-house search to apprehend individuals in possession of the meat of wild animals from the Kalakpa Game Reserve, after a bush fire razed down a vast portion of the 325-square killometre reserves on Thursday.

The fire, which began soon after sunrise, raged on until well after sunset and left in its trail bare land and charred streets.

This was particularly evident along the Adaklu-Kpetsu side of the reserve, on the Ho-Adidome road.

When The Ghanaian Times got to the scene before midday, the heat was so intense that some motorists drove at very high speed to avoid the radiation, which could be felt on the road.

At one stage, the fire crossed to the opposite side of the reserve by aid of strong winds and caused extensive damage to the vegetation there as well.

Some resident of the area blamed the fire outbreak on Fulani herdsmen in the area.

The District Chief Executive, Mr. Emmanuel Sky Ganaku, said that anyone found in possession of meat of antelope, grasscutter or other animals or bird from the reserve will be picked up swiftly for prosecution.

The reserve is one of the few surviving Guinea Savannah grasslands in West Africa, with more than eight seasonal rivers flowing southwards into it and forming patterns of riverine forest canopy which is home to several species of birds and wild animals.

The Savannah and forest endemic species in the reserve include oribi, kob, buffalo, waterbuck, red river hog, bongo, duiker, eland and sitatunga.

More than 200 birds have been recorded in the reserve with popular sights such as Congo serpent eagle, rosy-bee eater, Nkulengu rail in addition to 227 butterflies species.

The reserve stretches from the Ho West District to the Adaklu District.

Several efforts by the Adaklu District Assembly to stop the seasonal bush fires in the reserve had yielded little result as hunters and other encroachers continue to set the area on fire.

From Alberto Mario Noretti,


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