Aspiring NDC Regional Chair Promises Dedication And Hardwork

Mr.GyapongMr. John Kwadwo Gyapong, an aspiring candidate who is vying for the Regional Chairmanship position of the National Democratic Congress in the Volta Region, has asked delegates to vote for dedicated and hardworking persons.

Mr. Gyapong, who spent most of his working period in the country, and working with the party as well said, he would bring his experience and managerial skills to lead the party in the region.

He told the Times that he had made various political contributions, and has been well respected by most who have known him, and his personal integrity is beyond doubt.

According to him, he was reliable, tolerant, determined and also an emphatic communicator.

His greatest achievements were his ability to increase the voter population of the Volta Region from 1,022,000 to 1,156,000 during the 2012 Biometric Voter Registration exercise and his motivation of 874,000 people to turn-out in the general elections under his leadership as the Director of Elections of the party in the region.

Mr. Gyapong further stated that when he becomes the chairman for the region, he would increase the current membership and do everything to stop the NPP infiltration in the northern Volta where they get most of their votes.

He said he would also ensure that women in the party were empowered, the youth get employment, and share equitably the opportunities that come to the party.

He assured that when given the mandate, he would ensure that the party sets its priorities right by implementing the laid down programmes.

“We should stop doing things the old way if we mean to retain the Presidency in the 2016 general elections,” he advised.

From Kafui Gati, Ho   

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