Ashgold CEO commends GFA BOSS

CHIEF Executive Officer for Ashgold, Kudjo Fianoo, has described the re-election of Kwesi Nyantakyi as a good omen for Ghana football.

The ace football administrator cited the international recognition gained by the GFA boss as crucial to the future development of Ghana football.

According to him, “the experienced gained from the past 10 years will be fundamental to his smooth administration in the next four years.   He has gained a lot of experience and this is the right time Ghana can gain from the man. Can you tell me which boutique or shopping mall sells experience like any other commodity? He will now use his past mistake to help improve this new administration for the better.

“Kwesi Nyantakyi is a brand currently trending on the African continent and that alone should be a plus to Ghanaians. We have been denied a place in the CAF Executive Committee for a very long time and this man is not only cementing that position but making Ghanaians proud as well.

“This is somebody who appeals to CAF and FIFA at large, and the least we can do is to show our support for him. He merits it because of his past performances and the inroads he is making for himself as far as the administration of the game is concerned”.

When asked to outline the main flaws of the re-elected FA boss, Kudjo Fianoo cited the ailing juvenile football leagues.

“Nyantakyi will have to pay more attention to juvenile football to complete his profile. Juvenile football is one area that needs to be given attention.

“That league is the feeder league but its current state needs a lot of attention to resurrect it.

“Also, the current state of the domestic league will have to be given some needed attention. If the FA boss can rebrand the league in a different angle, then it will help improve his already impressive CV. Nobody is a saint and we must admit our flaws to improve on the future,” he added.

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