Ashaiman crusade draws crowds

A young woman who received healing from paralysis

A young woman who received healing from paralysis












The four-day-crusade by the Christ For All Nations at Ashaiman was characterised by healing and miracles.

The crusade held on the grounds below the Ashaiman / Tema overpass, drew thousands of people from Tema, Ashaiman and their environs, while some came from other parts of the country.

Two barrels into which people had dumped their charms, amulets, talismans and other tokens for protection and love, were set ablaze on Friday, Day Two of the crusade handled by American evangelist Daniel Kolenda.

As the items went up in flames, Evangelist Kolanda asked the people to entertain no fears of spiritual attacks or reprisals.

“The devil was defeated long ago and remains defeated in your life,” he stated.

Hundreds of people from all walks of life responded to the call to forsake their “old ways” and enter a new relationship with God.

After preaching about ‘Power in the blood of Jesus’, the CFAN president assured the crowd that the blood had power to save “whosoever calls on the name of the Lord”, adding that the blood of Jesus, also had the power to protect them from harm and heal their diseases.

He then swung into a demonstration of that power. From the crowd emerged people who testified that they had been healed.

One of them was a woman who said she had, over a period of time, been paralysed on the left side from a stroke. She said the power of God had healed her, restoring her use of that part of the body. A man was brought to the grounds in a taxi, hunched over, unable to walk upright without excruciating pain,   jumped for joy, claiming total healing.

A young boy who had been partially paralysed for some time, walked up the platform in the company of his mother, proclaiming the return of strength in both legs and restoration of sight.

A woman who suffered from painful ulcers said that during the prayers, she felt a sensation like ice going through her body and suddenly all the pain was gone.

Preaching earlier, Evangelist Kolenda invited the crowd to surrender their lives, 100 per cent, to God.

“It’s not enough to surrender just a part, not even 99 per cent, of your life to God: what God needs is 100 per cent surrender so he can help you run your life; especially for anybody who would be sincere enough to admit that so far he or she has not succeeded in resisting the pull of drug addiction, prostitution, armed robbery, as well as anti-societal vices of corruption, bribery, over-invoicing, among others”, he urged.

The first two nights of the crusade, held on the grounds below the Tema/Ashaiman Overpass, saw mammoth attendance, attracting crowds of over 110,000.

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