Ashaiman Assembly Members Boycott Sitting

Members of the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (ASHMA) yesterday, boycotted the second ordinary meeting of the assembly due to what they described as delays in addressing pressing developmental issues.

According to the assembly members, efforts to get the authorities to settle some challenges, particularly street lighting, had been unsuccessful.

They said the lack of street lights was causing darkness with its resultant high crime rate in the municipality.

When the meeting began,the assembly member for the Obakatse Electoral Area, Thomas Adongo, told the Presiding Member, Daniel Ekumah, that the state of lighting in some parts of the municipality, especially the Communities 21 and 22, Ashaiman Lebanon and the Middle East were poor and therefore making the areas prone to criminal activities.

He said assembly members for these communities were constantly being heckled by their electorates and tension was mounting in the municipality.

He wondered why there has been no solution to the problem and moved for the indefinite adjournment of the meeting until the Chief Executive, Ibrahim Baidoo, found a solution.

He said it was unfortunate that the term of the assembly members would end in four months time and that if the issues were not addressed, it would affect the confidence of the electorate in them.

His suggestion was supported by all the assembly members present.

Ms. Gifty Avorgbedor, an assembly member, suggested that the House should proceed on a break and hold close door discussions with the Chief Executive, but no agreement was reached.

Mr. Baidoo said progress had been made by the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) on the lighting and security situation and therefore, appealed to the members to exercise retrain.

However, the assembly members did not agree and the Presiding Member, adjourned the meeting indefinitely.

From Dzifa Emma Tetteh, Ashaiman

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