Artisans complain of low patronage of products

•   Rising cost of goods making artisan business unattractive.

• Rising cost of goods making artisan business unattractive.

Artisans at the Accra Centre for National Arts and Culture, are complaining of low patronage of their products, which they blamed on the rising cost of their goods.

In an interaction with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Accra some of the traders who have put on display products such as wood carvings, traditional musical instruments, leather ware, gold, silver and bronze jewelleries ,beads, shoes and slippers, kente clothes and paintings said most clients move away when the price ranges are mentioned to them.

They said most of the items were brought to the market from various parts of the country and nations within the West African sub-region and the cost of transportation affects the prices.

Mr. Patrick Mensah, an artist and a trader told the GNA that the low patronage of his goods and services is a source of worry to him since the arts and crafts market provides employment opportunities to many people especially those who have developed their skills in carving, painting, designing and metal works to service the market.

A trader who described herself as Madam Nkrumah said most of the buyers were made up of those purchasing a few items and those placing orders for large quantities of various products.

She said tourists and other foreigners visiting Ghana, who use to buy in large quantities are no longer doing so.

Mathias Aidoo, a trader also complained about the high revenue they pay to the tax authorities, which she said eventually affect the value of the products for sale.

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