Arsenal fan saves life of Spurs ‘rival’ with kidney donation

RIVALTHERE is no denying the fact that fans of Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur do not like each other, but when it comes to life and death, supporters of the north London clubs stick together.

A heart-warming story has cropped up as an Arsenal fan has saved the life of his friend, a Tottenham fan, by donating his kidney to him.

Tim Reid posted the message on Facebook over the weekend thanking his friend Dany Reid for saving his life.

The two friends hopefully will be sat side by side on November 5 when Arsenal host Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium this season.

“No words can do justice for what this guy has done for me and my family. He gave me a second chance at life while putting his own life at risk by giving me a kidney without any hesitation.

“You are a true hero and everyone deserves the right to know what a top guy you are for the courage you have shown. Although you are a ‘dirty’ Gunner, I’m so proud to call you my best pal. Rest up brother I’m not far behind you,” says Tim to his friend Danny on Facebook. – NBC Sports

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