Arrest Chief Of Nkonya

New IGPThe Paramount  Chief of the Ala-vanyo Traditional Area in the Volta Region, Togbega Tsedze Ata-kora, has called for the arrest of the chief of Nkonya for breaching the peace agreement between the two towns.

A banana farmer believed to be in his late 60s, Mensah Djannie, is said to have been shot in the eye and slashed into pieces by some men believed to be from Nkonya.
The incident is believed to have been incited by a long standing dispute between the Nkonya and Alavanyo.

Togbega Tsedze Atakora explained to Joy News, that the chief of Nkonya needs to be arrested to give meaning to the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two communities.

“When we signed the Memorandum of Understanding, the document stated that if anyone is shot from the Alavanyo side, the paramount chief of Alavanyo should be arrested, and if the firing is done from the Nkonya side, the paramount chief of Nkonya should be arrest,” Togbega Tsedze Atakora explained.

He observed that it is unfortunate that the first person to be killed after the agreement is from the Alavanyo side.
“If there should be anything, he (chief of Nkonya) should be arrested,” he said; and added that the police “must go in and arrest him”.
Meanwhile, police in the region have confirmed the murder case to Joy News.

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