Are you losing your manhood?The Silas Dodu Visiting Professor of Interventional Cardiology and Pudendology is your answer…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA Ghanaian Specialist, Dr Nick Ossei-Gerning is doing exploits in the United Kingdom. He is producing doctors at The University of Wales Teaching Hospitals in Cardiff.

I seriously recommended him in 2013 to Professor D D Kuupole, Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast because he is one of only 5 leading Heart Specialists world-wide who use the same technique for boring holes through blocked arteries to the heart to make channels in the arteries that supply the penis (Tafracher) to enable men who found it difficult to erect properly to be able to function sexually (Pudendology).

Usually, experts are good at just one of the procedures – the heart (Interventional Cardiologists) or the Pudendal Artery that supplies the penis (Interventional Pudendologist). This extraordinary Asanteni, Ossei-Gerning, is able to do both.

University of Cape Coast has made History by appointing Dr Nick Ossei-Gerning SILAS DODU DISTINGUISHED VISITING PROFESSOR OF INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGY AND PUDENDOLOGY? Who was Silas Dodu? And why link him with Nicholas Ossei-Gerning? The short answer to both questions is that Nicholas Ossei-Gerning is the leading world expert who uses the same technique to perform both functions, namely preventing heart attacks, and restoring satisfactory sexual function.

Today, our Ossei-Gerning is the best in the world. Read his brief BIO/CV below between the two lines. And who was Silas Rofino Amu Dodu (11 December 1924 – 29 June 2007)? He was the best Clinical Cardiologist who worked on the African Continent.

I worked with the man. He once made a diagnosis at 1 am on a Ghanaian Civil Servant in the Emergency Ward at Korle Bu within 10 minutes – a diagnosis that I later recorded that I did not know anyone in the entire world who could have made that diagnosis.

Emeritus Professor Silas Dodu was simply the best. I suggested to the Vice Chancellor that we link the name of the best (Dodu) with the name of the best (Ossei-Gerning).

The University that is not afraid to venture into new realms is the university that would appoint the best of only five people in the world who could combine Coronary Artery Interventional Procedures with Pudendal Artery interventional Procedures.

I told the Vice Chancellor in 2013 that I was not advising Ossei-Gerning to bring his know-how to Cape Coast just for prestige reasons but, setting up a Centre for Interventional Cardiology and Pudendology to correct ED (Erectile Dysfunction, or Impotence for short) would be a Business Enterprise that would bring money to the University.

Men would be travelling from all corners of Africa to Cape Coast. Please read the Summary of Ossei-Gerning’s Achievements below and my recommendations as to how to attract enquirers. First, listen to this man in the Auditorium at 10 am at the Medical School at the University of Cape Coast, on Friday 17th April, God willing.

He is an Ashanti called Nicholas Ossei-Gerning who is teaching medical students and doctors in the UK at the University of Wales Teaching Hospitals in Cardiff. As Professor F I D Konotey-Ahulu states in his Feature article Professor Ossei-Gerning is a World Beater who uses the same technique for ensuring heart comfort by improving arteries of the heart as for ensuring sexual comfort by improving blood flow to the male organ. He is sought after world-wide ……”

Dr Nick Ossei-Gerning is an old boy of Mfantispim Secondary School. He did his medical training at University College Hospital, London. He trained as a Cardiologist in the Yorkshire Heart Centre and did Interventional training at University of Alberta in Canada.

He was a British Heart Foundation Junior Fellow. His postgraduate Doctor of Medicine (MD) thesis was on the Genetics of Coronary Artery Disease and has many publications in the genetics of the renin angiotensin system, Coagulation and the fibrinolytic systems in relation to coronary artery disease.

He further published in the area of Helicobacter pylori and coronary artery disease. He is Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London.

He was appointed Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at the University of Wales, Cardiff where he set up several programmes in complex coronary interventions, including the radial programme; the use of rotational atherectomy; laser revascularisation; inter aortic balloon pump via the brachial route (and published the first series in the UK); the use of dedicated bifurcation stents; the use of the pressure wire system among others.

He is a world leading authority on vasculogenic erectile dysfunction and is a member of the British Society for Sexual Medicine and was recently elected to be a member of the International Consultation for Urological Diseases.

He is one of five cardiologists, chosen from around the globe, to be tasked with writing the most authoritative document on cardiovascular medicine and men’s health.

He is the world’s leading expert on internal pudental stenting and organised the first International Congress on the subject. He also set up and ran a multi-disciplinary team with International status to deal with Erectile Dysfunction.


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