Anlo youth express unhappiness about removal of Director- GES

Mr Charles Aheto-TsegahA silent protest is rapidly building up in the Volta region following the removal of the acting Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Mr. Charles Aheto-Tsegah to a council yet to be started within the GES, as executive secretary.

A letter signed by the former embattled Chief of Staff, Mr. Prosper Bani, and dated 22nd January 2015, re-assigned Mr. Aheto-Tsegah to the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NACCA) of the GES, which is still at its formative stage.

The letter further stated that Mr. Jacob Kor, Central Regional Director of Education and the Greater Accra Director, Mrs. Elizabeth De-Souza had moved in as acting Director-General and acting Deputy-Director General respectively, with immediate effect.

Some officials in the GES headquarters, who spoke to this source on the plea of anonymity, described Mr. Aheto-Tsegah as a “friendly, hardworking, old boy of the house”, with superlative command over the functions of the GES.

They intimated that the re-assignment was ill-planned and likely to affect work at the GES and that the decision was not just unfair, but also unprecedented in the history of the Service,

Speaking to the media, a senior chief of the Anlo Grand Council, Torgbui Dzelu IV of Dzelukorpe disclosed that since the announcement, several consultations and meetings have been held with the disgranted youth leaders to calm down their anger and resentment.

“This is rather the time for a unified youth front, not a divided loyalty and alienation, especially as we approach the 2016 electioneering campaigns, politicians might capitalize on a needless mistake and draw a battle-line for two good neighbours with disastrous consequences”, Torgbui Dzelu advised.

Some youth leaders, who preferred to remain anonymous described Mr. Tsegah’s removal as a direct attack on the Voltarians saying, “This is politically inexpedient arising out of ethnocentric ambition”, and pleaded with the President to take a second look at the decision in order to avoid a strained relations between the southerners and their good neighbous in the northern part of the country.

“We, the disappointed youth of the Volta region are appealing to the president to recall our brother, Mr. Aheto-Tsegah to his former position before we embark on actions that will engulf the entire region and cause us to become estranged from a government that is very close to the hearts of Voltarians”. Said another youth leader.

Dr. Darte Kumordzi, a prominent youth activist and spokesperson said the Voltarians could hardly believe that such a harsh move was coming from the fair minded President, who was not in the country at the time the plot to remove Mr. Tsegah was hatched. “I want to believe that the President was innocent but let’s see where he stands”, Dr. Kumordzi emphasized.

Meanwhile, the Awormefia of Anlo, Torgbui Sri III has appealed to the members of the Anlo council of chiefs, the youth and all aggrieved friends and supporters to exercise restraint while the President is formally petitioned to reconsider his decision.

By Times Reporter

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