Anim appeals against unanimous decision loss

Emmanuel Anim (right) and Emmanuel Martey ahead of the fight

Emmanuel Anim (right) and Emmanuel Martey ahead of the fight

Super middleweight boxer, Emmanuel Anim is calling on the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) to order a rescoring of his last fight against Emmanuel Martey in which he suffered a unanimous point decision defeat.
Anim’s appeal follows the conviction that he fought and connected better punches than his opponent and that on the whole, he was the better boxer among the two.
The March 24 fight held at the Bukom Boxing Arena was Anim’s first professional loss.
Each of the three judges scored for Martey across the 12 rounds, leading to a unanimous decision in his favour.
In an interview last week, Anim told the Times Sports that “The judges miscalled the fight, which is why I have sent an official appeal to overturn the decision after watching the video of the fight.”
He called on the GBA to appoint independent judges to watch the video to rescore to come out with the true winner of the event he is fully convinced he did enough to win.
He explained:  “He landed small and few punches; there were no serious blows, there is no reason he should have outscored me for that.”
In Anim’s view, the fight should have at least been called a draw or in his favor and hopes the GBA will address his concern with urgency.
Failure to realise this, Anim is also hoping that the GBA will ensure that a rematch is scheduled latest by the start of June; although so far, Martey has expressed no intention on scheduling a rematch.
Anim said he has duly served the GBA with the appeal letter but was yet to receive a response as of April 10 but hopes to get a reply soon.
Although the GBA has never had any record of overturning a decision at a fighter’s request due to disagreement on the final scorecard, it has been known to change records as a result of cheating or foul play.
Though that is not the situation in Anim’s case, he still hopes that his point will be heard.
“It was a very close fight, I was surprised the final decision was unanimous, both fighters seemed to land lots of small shots; nothing that seemed like enough evidence for a deciding factor in a unanimous decision,” said Frank Sarfo, the Head Coach of Team Anim.
While waiting for a response from the GBA, Anim has started preparation towards his next bout, which possibly could be Emmanuel Martey or any other opponent presented to him.

By Nathaniel Easington

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