Anglican Bishop Speaks Against Wrongdoings

Right Reverend Dr Daniel Sylvanus Mensah TortoThe Right Reverend Dr. Daniel Sylvanus Mensah Torto, the Anglican Bishop of Accra Diocese has spoken against wrongdoings in all spheres of the society saying they undermined growth and development.

He cited massive corruption, grumsome murders and shedding of innocent blood of prominent and ordinary people in the country to which the  perpetrators had not been punished for their wrongdoings.

Speaking at the last Session of the 21st Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Accra, Rev. Dr. Torto said the country had lost track of the values and principles of God.

He said the country’s leaders and the citizens had deviated from the commandments of God, stressing that the nation would experience worst crises this year “if we do not follow the word of God”.

Quoting from Deuteronomy 28:1-14 to support his assertion, said that “Ghana has lost its glory and God is not pleased with the country”.

Rev. Dr. Torto said the country was endowed with rich human and material resources like oil, gold, bauxite, noting that: “We have what takes to be prosperous as a nation” and yet the country is poor.

“The centre can no longer hold for us. We are in crises and this is the time for prayers, fasting and rededication to God. We need to call on God, confess our sins and beg him to heal our nation,” he said.

While urging Ghanaians to live in peace with their neighbours and pray for the country’s prosperity, Rev. Torto asked Christians to reflect on their goals in life and work passionately to achieve them in accordance with God’s principles.

A retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice V.C.R.A.C. Crabbe, said “the future of Ghana is in the balance”, stressing that, “every phase of our national life now cries aloud for a revival”.

He advised politicians to remember death and rely on God’s power and not their own strength to govern the country, noting that “any nation that relies on its own strength rather than God will experience economic shocks, political chaos, financial instability, neuroses, inner conflicts, emotionally induced illness among others”.

Justice Crabbe urged Ghanaians to lead Godly lives and pray for the country to come out of its current challenges.

The three-day synod of the Anglican Diocese of Accra on the theme: “Pressing on Towards the Goal” brought bishops, priests and laity members of the church together to reflect on the past year and strategise the way forward for the growth of the church.  By Joseph Edu Archison and Gloria Mensah   






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