Andrew Awuni: Politics in Ghana deteriorating

 Mr Awuni

Mr Awuni

Founder of Centre for Freedom and Accuracy, Andrew Awuni has proposed a national dialogue about the way the country is heading amidst the deteriorating state of politics.

“Things are getting out of hand in our politics, it’s time for us to hold a national discussion about which way we are going,” he cautioned.
Expressing his worry about the state of politics in the country, Mr Awuni noted that both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have always made national issues a needless debate which Ghanaians are not enthused about.

“All we need is that our politics is deteriorating, things are getting out of hand in the country, our leaders must wake up and make things right.

“Our churches have now become tainted, it hurts that churches have also become tainted to the extent there are no other institutions to call upon to salvage the situation,” Mr Awuni lamented.

Commenting on the Ghana-US military deal and the controversial list of presidential staffers, he did not mince words in saying that both the NDC and NPP are playing the game of “tit-for-tat”.

“Should the NDC come to power the next day, they will continue because some people have taken control of politics on all sides.

But Mr. Awuni described the debate as “totally unnecessary” adding that, there are other serious issues to be discussed and not what the politicians are claiming to be. –

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