Andanis reject roadmap to peace … accuse govt and eminent chiefs of bias

Kpan-Na Abubakari Andani (inset) addressing the press conference

Kpan-Na Abubakari Andani (inset) addressing the press conference

The Andani Royal Gate of the Dagbon chieftaincy divide has pulled out of the road map reached by the eminent chiefs’ mediation committee to help resolve the age-old Dagbon conflict.


They accused government and the eminent chiefs of being biased against them as they were conniving with the Abudus to circumvent the tradition of Dagbon.


The Asantehene Osei Tutu II Mediation Committee last month drafted a road map which was agreed to by the representatives of both the Abudus and Andanis meant to help bring finality to the crisis.


Government gave its backing to the road map after it was presented to the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, at the Jubilee House.


Under the road map, Abudus are to perform the funeral of late Ya-Na Mahammudu Abdulai between December 14 and 28, 2018, while the Andanis are to perform the funeral of the Ya -Na Yakubu Andani between January 4 and 18, 2018.


However, on Saturday, the chiefs of the Andanis at a press conference held in Tamale, Northern regional capital, indicated that they would not participate in the road map until the eminent chiefs follow strictly the customs and traditions of Dagbon.


The family has, therefore, vowed not to respect the roadmap initiated by the committee to restore peace in Dagbon.


The spokesperson of the Andani Royal Gate, Kpan-Na Abubakari Andani, who announced the decision of their pullout from the roadmap said government and committee were aiding the Abudus to create parallel state in Dagbon by declaring Bolin-Lana as the regent of Dagbon.


According to the spokesperson, the Andani could not believe that the eminent chiefs and the government could sideline them when they have a role to play.


“We wonder how the Otumfuo and his committee hope to make progress with the programme they rolled out when major players around whom the programme will revolve, have been cynically ignored in favour of a self-seeking person who has no legitimacy,” Kpan-Na Andani stated.


“What, therefore, the eminent chiefs have done is to shoot first and aim later. Regrettably, they have missed the point and the entire programme is destined to crumble like a vast hit by a sledgehammer,” he pointed out.


They indicated that government and for that matter the committee of eminent chiefs was not being fair to them since resumption of the peace process.


He pointed out that the eminent chiefs in collaboration with the government were trying to force their decisions on them but it would not work.


Kpan-Na Andani cautioned those who were betraying the cause to be careful as they would expose them.


He stressed that the Andani gate would only return to the mediation when the committee of eminent chiefs and government showed neutrality in the matter.


Kpan-Na Andani said they could not understand why the Asantehene was challenging Andanis to bring the evidence of the killers of the late overlord when the BNI and other security agencies were stationed in Yendi at the time of the incident.


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