Anas, Tiger Eye PI react to Kennedy Agyapong’s video

Tiger Eye PI has stated that there is no substance in Kennedy Agyapong’s video dubbed ‘Who Watches the Watchman’ premiered on June 27.


Kennedy Agyapong, who has been critical of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ modus operandi following his latest investigative piece on football dubbed ‘Number 12’, threatened to also expose the multiple award winning journalist that he is after all not a clean person like the people he investigates to bring them to book.


He carried on with his threat by premiering a video on purported shady deals of Anas to extort monies from people through his undercover work.


Anas Aremeyaw Anas through his Tiger Eye PI has responded to Kennedy Agyapong’s video titled ‘Who Watches the Watchman’.


In a statement issue in Accra, it said on June 27, 2018, a purported documentary titled “Who Watches the Watchman” was screened public.


The statement said the documentary concluded that Tiger Eye PI paid $75,000 to the former Director General of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, COP Frank Adu-Poku.



It said the five-minute portion included in the video was a pre-trial conference, in other words, a meeting between Tiger and a state attorney in respect of a $1.9m gold scam case.


The statement said the aggrieved company had engaged Tiger Eye PI to track, help arrest the fraudsters and in that meeting, Tiger was narrating to the state prosecutor what two of the fraudsters involved in the scam had told Tiger Eye.


It said it cannot be said that Tiger Eye PI paid COP Frank Adu-Poku (retired) $75, 000 and that the narration of what the fraudsters told Tiger Eye PI in respect of their activities cannot be interpreted to mean Tiger Eye paid the retired police officer any money.


The statement said the video is a cut and patched-up work which does not tell the story the makers of the documentary sought to force on it and that the docket on the case is still available at the Attorney-General’s Department for verification. –pulse.comgh

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