The reactions have been swift and the responses have been downright condemnation of the Electoral Commission (EC) for daring to disqualify them.

The 12 presidential aspirants who were disqualified from the 2016 presidential race responded defiantly and have roundly rejected the EC’s decision.

At least one of them, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, yesterday wrote a strongly worded letter to the EC, asking it to restore her candidature or risk court action. Others are contemplating similar action against the EC.

The Times has been inundated with calls from several Ghanaians, some supporting and praising the EC, while others are cursing and condemning her for daring to disqualify them. Some have even used unprintable words to describe her action.

In all this however, it is generally agreed that the EC acted within the ambit of the law and applied the law diligently in this case.

What is in contention and cited by many of the contestants and their supporters is that they were unaware about some of the things that formed the basis for their disqualification.

They mentioned subscribers who endorsed the forms for two or more contestants and inappropriate filling of the forms. All these are technical requirements that ought to have been done accurately.

We think that case by case the EC has acted lawfully and majority of Ghanaians support her action but few have rebuked it for not overlooking some of the errors committed by the aspirants.

The question we want to ask those who hold that view is whether we would be happy to elect to the high office, an aspirant who cannot follow simple rules and regulations.

The flaws found on the forms of the disqualified aspirants are unpardonable, because the EC had in several notices warned the candidates about them.

Many of them might have either ignored the notices and the reminders or took them for granted.

Unfortunately they are paying the price for not paying attention to details and are rather blaming the EC for their mistakes.

It is instructive that all the candidates accept that they made mistake in filling the forms but expected the EC to assist them to correct them.

That argument is flawed and those who are making them ought to know that the EC is not expected to fill the forms for them.

However, moving forward, we expect all the stakeholders to quickly resolve their differences as quickly as we can, so that the elections can go on.

The EC as well as the parties have the capacity to resolve the issues so that we can have peaceful general election on December 7.



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