‘AMISOM has no illusion of exterminating terrorists’

Mr. Mandeiro in a group photograph with some journalists

Mr. Mandeiro in a group photograph with some journalists

The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union  Commission (SRCC) for Somalia and Head of African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), Mr. Francisco Caetano Jose Madeira says his outfit has no illusion of exterminating terrorists or putting them in prison.


He said the focus of the mission was rather on transition from Somalia and ensuring that violence was brought to a level where government could perform its duty of governance for the state to survive and operate.


In an interaction with journalists from Ghana and Nigeria, Mr. Madeira disclosed that in line with the AMISOM transition plan, a joint operation with the Somali National Army and Somali Police would soon take place to capture the Juba Valley region, captured by the Al Shabab.


He disclosed that major roads linking cities would also be cleared to allow free movements of people and goods.


The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union also gave the assurance that training and mentorship of the Somali National Army and Somali Police Force would continue to be a priority and intensified.


He commended the police officers from Ghana and Nigeria for playing a key role in building the capacity of the Somali Police Force, and expressed appreciation to them for their support in the restoration of the rule of law in different parts of the country.


Mr. Madeira used the opportunity to express his displeasure about the dissemination of distorted information by a section of the media on issues concerning Somalia.


He said exaggeration of issues and giving fake information such as inflating death rates and injuries only does the society harm and not help the course of a safer and more secure Somalia.


Mr. Madeira   described the 11 years of AMISOM in Somalia as a “momentous and progressive journey” which needed to be celebrated and not swept under the carpet.


He said despite the many challenges the mission faces, on the political scene, AMISOM had increasingly created more secure environment, enabling significant progress in the political development of the country.


Mr. Madeira said currently Somalia has a national constitution, an elected Parliament and President, federal states, all with leadership and functional legislative bodies.


He said the capture of all the major towns and ports in Somalia, including Mogadishu, Baidoa, Kismayo, Barawe and Beletweyne was also worth applauding.


Mr. Madeira  called on the media to support the course of AMISOM, and also highlight the progress made as their support to the process in promoting peace and security in Somalia.



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