Amidu reveals ‘strange’ money hit his account …warns public officials over receipt of ‘suspicious payments’

Mr. Amidu

Mr. Amidu

Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu has disclosed that an amount of money from an unknown source has been paid into his bank account.
According to him, upon detecting the unusual development, he instructed his bankers to immediately trace the source of the money and return it.

“On August 3, 2018, I was amazed when I went to one of the branches of my bank to make cash withdrawal by cheque from my current account only to be informed that the balance to my credit on the account had leaped more than five-fold from my last balance on July 7, 2018 and credited on 19, 2018 with transferred payment.

“I urge the public to gather confidence and reject such illegalities in order to fight corruption effectively and as part of my constitutional prevention of corruption as a citizen, I will like other citizens and public office holders to be aware of their responsibilities pertaining to banking matters by drawing on my personal experiences.

“I have no standing agreement with any government or private agency to pay any money into my account except my monthly SSNIT allowance and also not given any further instructions to my Branch Manager to accept any transfers of any sums of money into my account without notification of the transaction.

“My bank immediately reversed the transfer and returned the suspicious transaction to the transferor, asking him to explain the transaction and replied to my letter with an apology indicating the steps it had taken upon receiving my objections.

“This demonstrates that patriotic citizens will immediately take steps to correct erroneous transfers of public monies into their accounts instead of keeping them for years and later resorting to making excuses when they are fished out of their suspicious illegal activities.

“I am sharing my most recent experience in this matter with the public as part of my constitutional prevention of corruption duty as a citizen to let others know their responsibility is upon citizens to instruct their bankers to return suspicious payments of public funds into their accounts.

“Public officers, which include all public office holders, are bound by the Public Property Protection Act, 1977 (SMCD 140) and have a higher obligation to refund such public monies timeously to the public purse,” Mr Amidu warned. –

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