Ambassador Heights nears completion

•    One of the family rooms of Ambassador Heights.

• One of the family rooms of Ambassador Heights.

Ambassador Heights, the first star mixed-use residential development in Accra is on schedule to complete and commence a phased turnover process in December of 2015.

The project which is being developed by KHI Ghana 01 in partnership with MAN Enterprise commenced development in June of last year and the first “City Home”was completed in March of this year.

The vision was to create an exclusive community comprised of residences commanding the best in location, quality, and lifestyle.

An integrated, homeowner experience with access to the restaurants, retail, pool, spa, fitness, and meeting and event facilities of the surrounding, Moevenpick Hotel and Emporium Commercial Complex.

Sales Manager for the project, Robert Davis, in an interview with the media said, “I am proud to say the final product we delivered within Ambassador Heights has been incredibly well received by all of our homeowners and those who have had the select opportunity to view.

He said, “Our development team has fulfilled their promise to create the most luxurious multi-home residential development in Ghana.”

“As Ambassador Heights begins to take life, strong resale and rental demand is already being realised. This first of its kind project has truly set a new precedence for luxury living in the country and region,” he said.

Mr. Davis said this vision was now being fully realised as the third phase of the integrated and master planned community comes to life.

“Upon stepping into the Ambassador Heights’Show Home, one is immediately immersed in luxury. Elegant wood finishes, custom designed modern furniture, draping chandeliers, designer appliances, and the latest technology including “smart home” create an ownership experience set apart from any other in the market,” he said.

By Times Reporter

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