THE Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, yesterday announced a GH¢180m budgetary allocation for the Office of the Special Prosecutor (SP) as part of the 2019 budget statement presented to parliament.

The allocation is to assist the Office of the Special Prosecutor in the fight against corruption in the country.

Indeed, to many, the allocation of the money is a major step forward in the effort to set up an effective SP’s office that would discharge its mandate without any hindrance.

Additionally, it would put many hearts at ease as it was becoming worrying that the office that was put up in fulfilment of a campaign promise of the government while in opposition had become dysfunctional due to lack of funds.

The Special Prosecutor, Mr Martin Amidu, has fuelled public perception of neglect after he, on a number of occasions complained bitterly about lack of resources for the office to function.

He had maintained that lack of resources was hampering his work and may hinder his ability to fully discharge his duties.

The allocation of GH¢180m is, therefore, welcoming news and a good beginning for one of the most important institutions that is expected to fight the canker of corruption in society.

In fact, the allocation of the funds must immediately put to rest the public anxiety following Mr Amidu’s lamentations over the lack of resources for his office.

A section of Ghanaians who were keen on seeing the Special Prosecutor plunge into work, were becoming disillusioned because of the delay in resourcing the office to enable it to started work in full swing.

The Ghanaian Times is glad that at last, the government has made budgetary provision for the office to enable it start its work.

The allocation means that after all, the government is walking the talk and fulfiling the promise to fight corruption in the country. At least no Ghanaian would be left in any doubt that the government means business.

We applaud the government for making good its promise and for the commitment to provide additional resources during the course of 2019, to enable the Special Prosecutor’s office to carry out fully its mandate.

Now that the funds have been allocated, we hope that the Special Prosecutor would get down to serious work to justify the monies allocated to the office.

We are confident and have no doubt that the Special Prosecutor would deliver on its mandate if it continued to receive support from the government.

Indeed, the Office of the Special Prosecutor deserves the prayers and support from every citizen to succeed in fighting corruption head on.

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