All must support Commission of Inquiry for the creation of new regions

ONGOING at Osu Castle, the former seat of government, is the in-camera sitting of the Commission of Inquiry set up for the creation or otherwise of new regions in the country.

Chaired by Justice Stephen Allan Brobbey, a retired Supreme Court Judge, the nine member commission which started work last Tuesday, is to hear petitions from Western, Volta, Brong Ahafo and Northern regions.

So far, petitioners from Western and Volta Regions and one group from Brong Ahafo have taken their turns with another group from the same region and others from Northern Region yet to take their turn this week.

The commission is expected to present its report to the President within six months following which a referendum to take a final decision on the creation of the new regions will be held by the Electoral commission.

From reports published by Ghanaian Times, rapid development is the main reason cited by the petitioners mainly chiefs, who have so far appeared before the Commission of Inquiry.

According to some of the petitioners, they were the producers of the most valuable produce from their regions but have been sidelined in infrastructural   developmental.

The confidence of the petitioners, some of whom stormed the Castle with maps and several documents to buttress their points and the huge size of their entourage showed how serious they were about their desire for new regions.

As the sittings continue, followed by public hearings in the aforementioned regions, we would encourage broader stakeholder participation to ensure that the best decision is made.

Although petitioners have already submitted their petitions and are only giving further explanation on the need for the creation, suggestions and idea from other stakeholders will bring to the fore other issues that may have eluded them.

We, at Ghanaian Times would be monitoring the activities of the commission and encourage it to live up to expectation and come out with compelling recommendations that would inure to the benefit of all Ghanaians.

We call on all Ghanaians irrespective of political affiliation to give the needed support as the country undertakes one of the most important constitutional exercises.


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