A lot of ink has already gone into writing about unity of purpose to achieve national development goals.

But there appears to be a blasé attitude from a section of the public because they belong to the opposition and they must therefore, oppose everything that a government decides to do.

Since the country embarked on its democratic journey under the Fourth Republic, all the major political parties in opposition, adopt the nonchalant attitude towards government policies and programmes.

The government is presently caught up in that vicious cycle where every policy is politicised.

A section of Ghanaians, particularly the opposition parties have adopted the laid back attitude towards government policies.

Listening and reading comments by this section of Ghanaians, on the 1D1F initiative launched by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akfufo-Addo, creates the impression that the initiative is not viable. We do not think so.

The 1D1F initiative in particular, is being implemented to bring prosperity to all Ghanaians, so politicising it, is needless.

The attitude of politicising everything in the country has serious implications for the development of the country and must end.

The Ghanaian Times is not saying that government policies must not be subjected to critical scrutiny. Rather, what we hope for is a critique that would ensure the successful implementation of policies for the benefit of all Ghanaians.

Rather than politicise by running the policies and in this case the 1D1F initiative, we rather expect that all Ghanaians would put their shoulder to the wheel to make the initiative happen.

For every district to have a factory means a lot. It means job creation, it means value addition to farm produce among others.

It would therefore, be in no one’s interest to politicise such an initiative and wish it failed.

We must all support the 1D1F initiative because when it succeeds we would all share in the success.

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