Alavanyo, Nkonya chiefs sign fresh pact

Togbe Tseze Atakora VII,and Nana Ampem-Darkoh signing the agreement.

Togbe Tseze Atakora VII,and Nana Ampem-Darkoh signing the agreement.

The chiefs and people of Alavan­yo and Nkonya, in the Volta Re­gion, on Sunday signed a peace accord to bring to an end their 92-year-old bloody land dispute.

The two sides flocked to Kpan­do-Gabi, in the region, to attend a peace durbar to signify the end of the dispute.

The accord described as “mother of all peace accords,” saw the two sides swap peace flags and take part in “borborbor” dance, to sig­nify their readiness to live in peace and harmony forever.

Mr. Mark Owen Woyongo, Min­ister of the Interior, who was the guest of honour at the emotional event, said that the conflict had travelled too long, dating back from 1923 with violent clashes, loss of lives and destruction to properties, and “this has denied the two com­munities of the much needed devel­opment”.

He stated that it was gratifying that the feuding parties themselves had finally made a decisive move towards peace, after several efforts by government to solve the prob­lem yielded little result.

Mr Woyongo commended the chiefs and people of Alavanyo and Nkonya for working together with the state institutions, including the National and Regional Peace Councils and the Volta Regional Security Council to achieve such a feat.

“It is very significant to extend government’s appreciation to the Ho Diocese of the Catholic Bish­ops Conference, the E.P. Church, West Africa Network for Peace Building, UNDP, CLEDS-B Con­sult and all peace actors who have made significant contributions both in the past and present, towards the facilitation of peace between the people of Nkonya and Alavanyo”, Mr. Woyongo said.

The Interior Minister pointed out that the solution to conflict situa­tions is dialogue and never in the barrel of the gun.

The Volta Regional Minister, Madam Adjoa Ntoso, who had been actively involved in the peace process between the two commu­nities, said that by burying their hatchets, the Alavanyo and the Nkonya people had opened their doors to development.

Togbe Tsedze Atakora VII, Par­amount Chief of Alavanyo Tra­ditional Area, and Nana Ampem Darko, Ankobeahene of Nkonya Traditional Area, signed the peace accords on behalf of their respec­tive communities.

Togbi Dagadu VII, Paramount Chief of Akpini Traditional Area, said that the strong blood between the Alavanyos and the Nkonyas was cause for love and peace be­tween them and not war.

From Alberto Mario Noretti, Kpando-Gabi

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