‘Alan Cash’ Is Most Popular In NPP

Alan KyeremantenAn aide to the New Patriotic Party [NPP] presidential aspirant, Phillip Langdon, has stated that in spite of several attempts to tarnish the image of his boss, Alan John Kwadwo Kyeremateng he will still contest for the party’s flag- bearership, come what may.

He explained that Mr. Kyeremateng, known as “Alan Cash” is still popular among the rank and file of the NPP and would win the slot on his third attempt, when the party goes to the polls next year.

Accoding to his aide, Mr. Kyeremateng who contested the position twice but lost to Nana Akufo Addo, remained undaunted by the presence of some bigwigs in the party, particularly the party’s 2012 flag bearer.

Mr. Langdon dismissed suggestions that “Alan Cash”, has lost touch with the masses of the party saying his boss remained “a popular NPP stalwart”.

“Over the period, there’s been a lot of attempts to try to damage his popularity. People saying all kinds of things against him…” but he knows that “at the end, the truth will prevail…He’s very popular as you’re very well aware. He’s not worried about that,” Mr. Langdon stressed.

He added that his team was rectifying the mistakes they made in the party’s previous primaries and was confident that Mr. Kyeremateng would emerge the victor in the next primaries to be held by the party to elect its flagbearer for the 2016 general elections.

“We’ve gone through an election…the popularity is still there. There were certain mistakes that we made in the last primaries and then, we will correct those mistakes, Mr. Kyerematen expects that he will contest some bigwigs of the party.

“ As to who and who they will be, it’s not an issue. Nana is his brother. They have contested before; twice before and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t contest again. So, if Nana does come forward, he (Alan Kyerematen) will contest…The party also believes that the time has come for Alan to lead with the support of everybody else including Nana,” to contest the 2016 Presidential elections”, the aide said. Ghanaweb

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