Akomea Advises Gov’t

akomea-nanaNana Akomea, a former Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has stated that the frustrations of Ghanaians over the worsening economic situation has reached a crescendo and led to recent agitations in a cross section of the public.

He noted they have been dis-satisfied with the turn of events, which has deprived them of a meaningful livelihood.

According to him, “nobody is saying things to force doom on the people of Ghana as the government perceived in a recent statement but rather, the people have come to a realization that things were no longer the same.”

Speaking on Joy FM’s News File on Saturday, Nana Akomea described the statement as “an unfortunate statement that should come from government. The grievances are real.”

Nana Akomea maintained that the grievances expressed by the people were coming from a cross section of the Ghanaian society including members of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“It’s not somebody just doing propaganda or somebody just trying to cause disaffection for government,” he said.

A group calling itself the Concerned Ghanaians for Responsible Gov-ernance (CGRG), last week embarked on a protest christened: “Occupy Flagstaff House”, which demanded better governance and improved economy from the government.

Nana Akomea quoted an NDC guru, Dr. Kwesi Botchwey, as saying: “there is widespread disaffection in this country, there is a popular mood of frustration; rising cynicism about government, erosion of the country’s credibility among the public and the international community.”

He noted that the seeming unbearable economic crisis in the country has inflamed passions in the people, resulting in chiefs, profes-sionals, NDC party foot soldiers, Polytechnic lecturers, the TUC and others had all joining in the quest for a better economy.

Again, he quoted from a TUC statement, which read: “the economic situation is worsening by the day and there is a deep perception that nothing is working in the country.”

People in the country-side, he claimed, have been forced to buy sachet water to use on their farms and homes as a result of inadequate water supply to parts of the country.

—Source: joyfmonline


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