Airtel rolls out new payment service

Airtel Ghana has rolled out an innovative service through their Airtel Money that allows a tap and pay, contactless payment based on the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology.

The NFC technology is the global communication standard that enables mobile devices to securely communicate with a payment terminal.

At experiential events held simultaneously at Koala Supermarket in Airport residential area and KFC Osu, customers had the first-hand experience on a faster and more convenient, secure and instant payment using their mobile phones.

They paid for goods purchased by tapping at the NFC device located at the sales point with their mobile phones to effect payment via their mobile wallet. Those without NFC enabled phones were given stickers that enabled them enjoy this wonderful payment experience.

Rosy Fynn, Customer Experience Director at Airtel Ghana said: “This is the first NFC mobile money payment in Ghana. The integration of this NFC payments solution with VeriFone Mobile Money’s flexible services platform provides great benefits for our customers. By incorporating this solution, Airtel Money can offer its customers a comprehensive ‘state of the art’ shopping experience which is fast, secure and easy.

“We have been a pioneer in innovative products and services and are again leading the way in enabling NFC mobile payments via Airtel Money. We believe that we have a strong value proposition for all our Airtel Money Merchants that will ultimately delight our customers.”

Manu Rajan, Marketing Director at Airtel Ghana added that, “The combination of our innovative, highly secure mobile money service and its payments capability, builds on our strategy to provide the best payment solutions. The introduction of NFC technology into Airtel Money payments is proof to the fact that Airtel Money undoubtedly is the “Smartest Way to Pay” in Ghana.

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