Airtel Pays Out Claims To Insurance Beneficiaries

Airtel PixAirtel Ghana in collaboration with MicroEnsure and Enterprise Life Insurance, has paid out claims to bene-ficiaries of Airtel Insurance.

Airtel Insurance offers Airtel customers life, accidental, permanent disability and hospitalisation insurance with benefits increasing based on airtime top-up.

The product was launched in January this year to add to the company’s range of products available to their valued customers.

Receiving his claim, Cornelius Tetteh, a marketing officer who lives in Madina, said the money had been of great help to him, adding “I called ‘580’ to enquire since I did not know the processes. A friendly agent from MicroEnsure returned my call, assisted me with my claim and within 72 hours after submission of my documents and verification of my claim, I received GH¢2,500.00 through Airtel Money.”

Another beneficiary, Stanley Blewu, a journalist in Accra, also had his insurance claim paid to him when he was admitted at the hospital for some time and had a challenge with meeting his huge medical expenses.

The product is subscription- based. It is based on a total monthly airtime top-up of at least GH¢5.00, which makes it very affordable for Airtel customers or anyone who opts to be on the Airtel platform.

The more one tops-up in the current month, the more cover one gets the following month.

This initiative eliminates the notion that insurance is expensive and cumbersome which makes it unattractive, Airtel said in a statement.

“All Airtel customers who are residents of Ghana and aged between 18 and 75 years are eligible to register for this insurance product,” the statement said.

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