Airtel Introduces Data Geeks To Serve Customers

AIRTEL Ghana, has introduced the data geeks model, where-by data specialists are positioned in all Airtel Shops and experience areas to offer assistance to customers who come in with data and device related issues.

According to the Marketing Director at Airtel Ghana, Manu Rajan, data is the future of telecoms, and Airtel Ghana is fully prepped to capture the data space and be at the forefront of the data revolution in Ghana.

To this end, the company is dedicating more resources to training and equipping a section of its customer care personnel to offer technical support and advice on data to customers.

“For us at Airtel, the customer is at the heart of our business; we are always improving our offerings to meet their changing need and we believe that the data geeks model is the perfect channel for meeting our customers’ needs,” Mr. Rajan said.

He said: “Imagine you go into an Airtel shop with a complaint that your data has been running at an abnormal rate. Through interaction, the data geek will be able to detect that this situation is probably due to the fact that you are on ‘pay as you go’ and will advise that you buy a bundle.”

“Again, he may check to see if you have turned on any automatic update or running a programme that is consuming your data. He will not only help solve the problem, but will advise you on best practices so you leave a more satisfied customer”.

Further describing Airtel’s move to providing better data services and products to its customers, he revealed that Airtel was in partnership with world class device companies like Apple, Nokia, Alcatel and Samsung, which are noted for bringing on the market, highly efficient and functionally capable phones and devices that are widely used all over the world.

Mr. Rajan said: “Airtel just launched iPhone 5s in Ghana in collaboration with Apple. We also have a long standing partnership with Samsung, Nokia and Alcatel. Airtel customers are therefore assured that they will not only get access to best-in-class devices from these companies, but also will have access to the best after sales service possible.”

“For instance, customers who buy Apple products and devices from any Airtel shop are entitled to the same preferred service level as customers buying their phones from the iShop,” he added.

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