Airtel assists accident victim

MOBILE telecommunications service provider, Airtel Ghana, has offered assistance to Kwadwo Adu Boahen, who survived electrocution but had both arms amputated.

The accident happened while he was painting a building in Kumasi.

Since the amputation was carried out, he has faced extreme difficulty in going about his duties, including performing personal chores.

“The challenge is how to eat, drink water or attend to nature’s call. Sometimes when I need to pick something and nobody is around, I am unable to do it,” he lamented.

Moved by his plight, Airtel Ghana offered to restore Mr Boahen’s limbs by bearing the full cost of fitting him with prosthetic hands.

With that, Mr Boahen can function as every normal person does.

Additionally, the company is to establish a business enterprise to be managed by him, so that he can cater for himself and his family.

The Touching Lives initiative which comes under the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm, is an annual television programme aimed at identifying people who have excelled in life in spite of disability as well as those who have helped to bring about change in the communities they live in.

The programme has become an annual affair on television, and recounts the stories of people who have been nominated and rewarded for all that they have done.

The telco, according to its Head of Corporate Affairs, Mr Donald Gwira, is hopeful that the programme will help motivate more people to improve their lives, as well as bring about changes in their communities.

“Recognizing and rewarding people who have worked selflessly to make an impact in their communities is the only way they would be fulfilling their mandate of helping these individuals to continue with their efforts to create a better world for themselves and others,” he stated.

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