Ahmadiyaa Muslim Mission commended for promoting peace

Justice William Atuguba

Justice William Atuguba

A former Supreme Court (SC) Judge, Justice William Atuguba, has commended the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission and other faith-based organisations for their contribution towards peace building in the country.

According to him, the contributions of various religious organisations in the maintenance of the country’s fragile peace could not be down-played.

“I thank God that the Islamic community in Ghana has always been at peace with other religious faith and this conference will put a seal to that state of affairs,” Justice Atuguba said.

The former SC Judge made these observations at a farewell dinner organised for the Consul-General of Tuvalu in the United Kingdom (UK), Sir Dr Iftikhar Ahmed Ayaz.

Justice Atuguba said the quest for peace would continue to elude the world unless people imbibe the fear of the most high, stressing that “The personality of the Amir exudes peace and fear of the Lord most High, and these are most important ingredients that can propel any human community forward.”

He said if Ghanaians committed themselves to the Supremacy of Allah above all other considerations and in all our undertakings, including; politics, business and social activities, the country would be great.

On his part, Sir Ayaz re-echoed the need for peace in the world stressing that “We cannot have peace unless we have true and most importantly, divine justice.”

He, therefore, called on Ghana to lead in the crusade to attain peace not only on the continent, but the world at large.

Sir Ayaz said it was important that people continued to dispense justice, even if they were denied same by others, adding that attaining peace and justice was a long journey but the outcome was always greater.

He commended Ghana for working hard to ensure peaceful coexistence among its citizens irrespective of their religion, creed, tribe and their educational status.

The Amir of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ghana, Mualvi Mohammed Bin Salih, said no nation could sit idle and watch for a third world war to take place.

He explained that “the weapons available have the capacity to annihilate everybody on the earth surface as a result, we must all work  in a concerted effort to ensure world peace.”

Mr Bin Salih said no nation could independently bring peace to the world and there should be a concerted effort towards peace building in the world.

By Cliff Ekuful

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