Ahinkwa School project abandoned

The abandoned classroom projectAhinkwa M/A School block project in the Yilo-Krobo municipality, to facilitate increased access to quality education on the area, has been abandoned.

The project, funded by Ghana Education Fund (GETFund), which was initiated to provide a modern school building stalled in 2009 at roofing level.

The project was started after the collapse of the school’s dilapidated classroom block 14 years ago. The school has since been using the Presbyterian Church’s auditorium for class session, while praying for the completion of the project which has seems totally abandoned in spite of the investment put into it.

During a visit to the site, the Ghanaian Times found that weeds have taken over the project which has been left at the mercy of the weather.

The present location of the school was also found not to conducive for teaching and learning.

The church auditorium has been divided into two classes for JHS two and three while JHS one pupils attend class on the church corridor.

In addition, school, which a population of 100 pupils, is unable to hold regular class sessions anytime the church holds a revival programme, since the school has to make way for the church activities.

Mr. Albert Imbeah, headmaster of the school, told The Ghanaian Times during the visit that the fate of the pupils hang in a balance, due to the unavailability of a permanent infrastructure.

Currently, he said the school has nowhere to keep teaching items, including books, adding that termites have been destroying items in a temporary store that has been created.

The situation, according to him, has resulted in the school becming one of the worst performing schools in the municipality, but believed that the performance would improve drastically with the provision of infrastructure facilities.

“How can a pupil do well in examination if he did not have benefit from enough teaching, and a conducive environment to study,” he asked.

Mr. Imbeah said that many parents have started withdrawing their wards to different schools because the situation does not enhance effective teaching and learning.

He noted that the school wrote several letters to the Yilo Krobo Municipal Assembly to come and complete the school but all proves futile.

He, therefore, appealed to the government, philanthropic organizations and individuals and traditional leaders to support to aid the school towards the completion of the school block and the provision of other facilities.

From David Kodjo, Yilo-Krobo

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