Ahadzie: Mahama-led administration will be complicit in research fund if…

 Dr Ahadzie

Dr Ahadzie

The National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Head of Research has revealed that if it can be established that the Mahama-led administration used part of the $175 million loan meant to build hospitals to conduct an election-related research, then it may be said to be culpable of misappropriation of funds.


He said although he was aware of the research, he did not know public funds were used in conducting it as part of an impact assessment study of the health projects undertaken by the then government.


“I don’t think Mr Mettle-Nunoo will use public funds for a party project but if that happened, clearly that will be a misappropriation of funds, if that is the intention but I doubt if that is the case,” Dr Ahadzie noted.


An investigation has revealed the Ministry of Health under the Mahama-led NDC administration diverted part of a government loan facility into researching the then party’s chances of winning the 2016 general election.


The research was a sub-contract under a 175 million dollar project awarded to British infrastructure company NMS for the construction of seven district hospitals and an integrated IT system.


The research was conducted by UK-based SCL Social, the mother company of Cambridge Analytica.


SCL Social was paid $6 million to undertake a nationwide survey to provide data for the proper planning of the healthcare needs of Ghana.


According to the contract signed by the Government of Ghana and NMS, Rojo Mettle-Nunoo, then Deputy Minister of Health was the head of the Project Steering Committee.


Responding to the issues, Dr Ahadzie indicated that when a report on the research was presented to the party by Mr Mettle-Nunoo and his team, they also collected sentiments, attitudes and general perceptions which they extracted for the party.


“That perhaps is the reason the Mahama-led administration did not make use of any of the findings for the 2016 elections as Mr Mettle-Nunoo has already complained about, but not a deliberate policy of government to contract anybody to do that kind of study for political purposes,” Dr Ahadzie stressed.


He explained that in 2010, a decision was made to develop seven new district model hospitals at various locations in the country to improve access to quality and specialised healthcare. –myjoyonline.com

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