Agotime-Ziope NDC candidate promises to promote kente industry

Agbeve 1The National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for the Agotime-Ziope constituency, Charles Agbeve has promised that the promotion of the area’s kente industry to the international market will be among his priorities, when elected.

Pursuant to this, he would collaborate with the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) to upgrade the necessary skills for the manufacturers to break into the market.

“This will serve as morale booster for the youth in the kente business,” said Mr. Agbeve.

The seasoned public servant was speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Times at Kpetoe recently.

“Our kente is gaining recognition and greater demand from the international market, so we must also add value and diversity to the designs to meet the demands from those markets,” Mr. Agbeve stated.

The parliamentary candidate noted that the economic and tourism potential of the Tordze River would be vastly tapped to create jobs for the youth in the area.

The Keyime dam would be used for irrigation to boost vegetable production in the area, he added.

Mr. Agbeve said that the establishment of a famers’ services centre to help to support the vegetable industry was also high on his development agenda.

From Alberto Mario Noretti, Kpetoe


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