Agambire To Address World Bank Workshop On Youth Employment

Roland_Agambire1The Chief Executive of Rlg Communications, Roland Agambire, is among key entrepreneurs invited to address the forthcoming World Bank Group Workshop on Youth Employment in West Africa in Abuja, Nigeria, later this month.

The two-day regional workshop, according to Marvin Taylor-Dormond, Director of Independent Evaluation Group (IEG), Private Sector Evaluation Division of the World Bank, will be on the theme: “Learning from past experiences for future opportunities in youth employment in West Africa”
It is being organised by the World Bank Group, consisting of the World Bank itself, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA).

The workshop would bring together government officials, private sector representatives, donors, civil society, international organisations and  staff of the Bank in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Liberia, to share experiences and best practices in creating opportunities for youth employment, and raising productivity, through improvements in human capital dimensions and business environment.

It is also expected to discuss issues related to youth employment as well as the findings of a recently completed evaluation by the Independent Evaluation Group on World Bank’s Youth Employment Programmes, the World Development Report on Jobs, the IFC’s Jobs Report and the World Bank’s Africa Region upcoming flagship report which would be launched at the workshop.

Mr Agambire is expected to speak on: “The role of private sector in the youth employment and encouraging wage employment in Africa,” having pioneered the use of ICT for job creation in Ghana, Nigeria and the Gambia where thousands of youth have gained employment in mobile phone and computer assembly, repairs and software programming.

The Rlg Institute of Technology, collaborated with the then government to implement the Youth-in-ICT Module of the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP), now Ghana Youth Entrepreneurial and Employment Agency (GYEEDA).

In addition, Rlg, Africa’s foremost ICT device assembler, works with the Gambian government and the government of  Osun State in Nigeria on similar programmes.

Regarded one of the youngest business and social influentials on the continent, Mr Agambire has won  local and international recognition for his ICT device assembly initiative as well as  creating thousands of jobs for many in Ghana, Nigeria, the Gambia, Kenya, south Africa, Angola, China and Dubai .

“We are humbled by this singular recognition by no less institution than the World Bank. It means our support to governments in the region through social intervention measures have been worthwhile,” said Prosper Harrison-Addo, Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs, Rlg.

He said Mr Agambire would use the platform to offer some workable solutions to the youth unemployment phenomenon on the continent.

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