African Youth Command Salutes AU

The African Youth Command (AYC) has congratulated the African Union (AU) on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary and has commended the vision, tenacity and courage of the pioneers of the African liberation struggle who established the Union.

A press statement issued by the executives of the Command said the AU has made tremendous progress on the continent, especially through the successful attainment of political independence.

It said the birth of the Orga-nisation of African Unity (OAU), later known as the AU in 1963, saw the rapid transformation of the continent from its colonial status to independent sovereign states.

The statement, however, said that the daunting task of freeing economies from the stranglehold of multi-national financial giants must be pursued by the AU.

“We must pursue to logical conclusion the struggle to free the continent from neo-colonialism which is the last stage of imperialism as expounded by Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah,” it said.

The statement said the Command is calling on African leaders to seriously pursue the establishment of the African High Command to solve the problems that threaten the security and territorial integrity of the continent.

“Our security has often been compromised with ex-colonial masters playing major roles in matters that affect the continent but sadly enough, often take very controversial stands in these crises to the detriment of the feuding parties and countries involved. Today, Somalia, Mali, Sudan and Nigeria face serious military crisis which threaten their very existence whilst Africa looks on helplessly,” it said.

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