Afoko attacks NPP over Gifty Kusi

The suspended National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Paul Afoko, has accused the party of appointing Gifty Kusi to the Disciplinary Committee just to form a quorum to facilitate his suspension.

He said the action by the party made it looked like, Madam Kusi was replacing William Boafo, who was a representative from Parliament.

Mr. Afoko said that because they were in a hurry to suspend him, they passed an undated letter from William Boafo through the Minority Leader to get him suspendedCounsel for the NPP, Godfred Dame, however, suggested to Mr. Afoko that the appointment of a member to the party’s disciplinary committee was not backed by any provisions in the party’s constitution, but rather his (Afoko) own conjecture.

Mr. Dame said it was entrenched in the party’s constitution that with the exception of the disciplinary committee, all appointments to any committee was made by the National Council.

He said that there was no provision in the constitution indicating how someone should be appointed unto the disciplinary committee, adding that Afoko selected disciplinary committee members contrary to the party’s constitution.

Mr. Afoko said though that was the case, the disciplinary committee was the only body, which had its members from various groups in the party, making it unique from others.

He explained that though that was not explicitly stated, it did not take away the National Council’s authority to accept, reject and appoint.

He stated that there were two forms of appointments to the disciplinary committee, adding that there were those who were appointed directly and representatives who are brought to the National Council for approval.

Consequently, the court presided over by Justice Anthony Yeboah, adjourned the case to June 1 and 3, for further cross-examination.

Mr. Afoko tendered in evidence his witness statement as evidence in chief on Monday, May 10, and had since been subjected to cross-examination by Mr. Dame.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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