Afari Gyan Faces NPP Lawyer

Afari-GyanUndergoing biometric verification, due to the Face Only Verification system. He explained that errors could occurred during an election because of the huge numbers involved.

Led by his counsel, witness said, he preferred the number (O) to leaving a pink sheet space blank, since any number could be put in a blank space on December 9, 2012, the day after the first day of voting.

He said, Jake Obetsehi-Lamptey, the third petitioner, and some party officials had attempted to halt the declaration of the presidential results because they claimed they suspected some discrepancies had occurred but he went ahead to declare it since they could not prove their allegations.

Dr. Afari-Gyan said he was the last person to see election results after presiding officers, polling stations agents, returning officers and party representatives had seen and signed them before he did.

Johnson Asiedu-Nketsia, earlier mounted the witness box and to his surprise, had his own voice played to him during a recorded interview he granted an Accra-based FM radio station.
In the interview, he spoke on the “no verification no vote” and insisted that there was no way people would vote without verification.

The witness maintained that there was no evidence that people voted without verification during the 2012 general election and challenged people to come out and prove instances at polling stations where people voted without verification.

The revelation came up during the last day of the witness’ cross-examination by the lead counsel for the petitioners, Mr. Addison. Mr. Asiedu-Nketsia’s last day in the witness box was characterized by grilling, flaring up of tempers and some controversies.

The playing of the recorded version of the interview was with the permission of the court as sought by Mr. Addison during the cross-examination for the witness to contradict himself.

The witness disagreed with lead counsel for the petitioners that serial numbers on pink sheets were security features and maintained that pink sheets did not have security features when Mr. Addison insisted.
Mr. Tsikata counsel for the NDC objected when lead counsel for the petitioners attempted to make witness identify some documents because they had not been tendered.

He argued that there had not been any references to those documents in the pleadings of the petitioner.  But Mr. Addison said they were to refresh the witness memory. The court by a 5-4 majority decision sustained the objection.

Tempers flared up when Mr. Addison asked witness whether he had brought his list of further and better particulars but he said his lawyers had some challenges in putting the document together.

When he (Philip)  gave out a copy of the document to the witness for perusal, Mr. Tony Lithur objected and informed the court that the document was voluminous and that the witness would be unable to do that and he flared up and refused to have a look at the document.

His demeanour infuriated the nine-member panel of judges and one of them, Justice Paul Baffoe-Bonnie pointed out that his attitude was a contempt to the court.
Mr. Luther immediately apologized to the court.

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